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We get this question a lot about our new home: "Are you settled in yet?"

I am sure that when I answer the question, it is awkward at best.  I guess I don't want anyone to think that this was easy and uneventful as moves go.

Truthfully, we were settled in our new home very quickly.  We may still have had a box or two sitting around the house for awhile, but after 10 years in our last house, there were some boxes and pieces of furniture that were still not in place (that may be the case here when we look back).

We were both working our regular schedules within days after the moving truck was emptied.  We discovered the community and the surrounding area in a short amount of time.  We discovered new restaurants and shopping within the first few days.  In a matter of weeks, this was home.

As a United Methodist preacher, who has moved from place to place over the years, moving and starting over is something I know how to do.  As a military brat for the first part of my life,…